“The output of this device is high definition and gives me what I need to diagnose just about any Arrhythmia. This helps as Holters may only catch intermittent issues. This device catches them wherever they are at!”
Dr. Imad Katib
“In those patients who choose to use remote ECG monitoring, there is really no need for long-term monitors (Holter monitors, Zio patches, cardiac event monitors) and no need for patients to come to the office to get an ECG when they feel like they have gone into Afib.

When one of my patients calls with symptoms or concerns of Afib, I quickly pull up their chart online and review their recordings to determine if they are in or out of rhythm. Most treatment decisions can then be handled over the phone without the need for ordering a monitor or an emergency room office visit.

One 24-hour period will suffice to show how important remote ECG monitoring now is to my management of my patients with Afib.”

Anthony Pearson, MD
“We have many patients with essential hypertension and other risk factors for Afib. Managing these patients is difficult, and ECG data has been a missing link in our chain of continuity. The hōmecg+ filled that void and has changed the way we practice medicine for our patients.”
Melissa Foner, PA

A remote cardiac monitoring device becomes a true healthcare innovation when it provides data directly to the provider and proves to be an adjunct to the current clinical care pathway. This level of cardiac care offers a more patient-centered approach that mitigates risk for the provider and truly enhances the patient experience.

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hōm ecg+ Provider Benefits

Enhances Workflow

Drives Staff Utilization

Expedites Intervention

Increases Billable Revenue

Improves Patient Satisfaction

Primary Care Provider

I’m Looking For:

  • Remote cardiac monitoring solutions that detect Afib
  • A solution that is interoperable with my technologies
  • Solutions that are customized to workflows at my clinic’s needs
  • High-quality ECG readings that allow me to treat patients in a safe and convenient way
  • Solutions that allow me to properly coordinate patient care



I’m Looking For:

  • A solution that allows me to receive appropriate and timely referrals
  • A solution that is interoperable with my technologies
  • A solution that detects Afib through intentional screening methods
  • High-quality ECG readings that are less cumbersome for my patients