One of the biggest challenges is managing this subset of patients at the lowest level of care. Finding the appropriate access point along the continuum is beneficial to all parties involved, especially the payor. The use of ECG devices in the home reduces overall cost structures, drives preventative strategies, and improves member satisfaction. If we can keep patients at home until they need care and better manage the type of care they receive, that is a win for everyone!

ECG data allows for better treatment decisions on whether to bring the patient into the office refer them to a specialist or recommend emergent care.


Patient Scenario

Using PCM, CCM and Complex CCM CPT Codes for Reimbursement

  • Patient is enrolled in RMP platform and given at home equipment (CPT 99453)
  • Patient performs at home daily readings using equipment (CPT 99454)
  • ECG rhythm reports coming in daily. They are stored and interpreted by staff (CPT 94040)
  • Staff communicate with patients an additional 30 minutes (CPT 99489)
  • Staff communicate with patient regarding remote data and disease management for 20 minutes or more (CPT 99457)
  • Staff have additional ECG data to interpret daily, for 30 minutes in 30 days (CPT 99091)

hōm ecg+ Payor Benefits

Increase Member Satisfaction

Expand Access to Care

Drive Preventative Strategies

Advance Quality Scores

Reduce Individual Cost Structure