Lohman Technologies is committed to being a collaborative partner to improve care and provide certainty to the patient and their healthcare providers through remote cardiac monitoring.

One of Lohman Technologies key objectives is to partner with Telehealth and Digital Platform companies to provide new and better care. Lohman collaborates with partners to integrate joint solutions. This is how we collectively add the most meaningful value to the providers and, most importantly, our patients.

The hōm ecg+ conveniently aligns with your current peripheral model and connects to your patient tablet via Bluetooth. Data is stored in your health cloud or hōm ecg+ cloud storage can be viewed and managed to align with your clinical central station. Waveforms can be viewed and stored to meet compliance needs.

A Word from hōm ecg+ President and CEO, Jason Dvorak

The Heart of Innovation

The Afib Alert is the “first to market” device of its kind.
Also, the most accurate!

Jack Lohman is one of the greatest pioneers in the cardiac care industry. He was an Innovation Leader at Marquette Electronics and the Founder of Cardiac Evaluation Centers (CEC) in 1978. This is where the origination of the idea, technology and IP behind the hōm ecg+ occurred. The Afib Alert device was the first (and remains best in class) portable ECG Afib solution. Hence, it has earned several patents through the innovation process. CEC has been so well regarded in the industry as the best device for capturing ECG/Afib remotely. Anytime, anywhere is where arrhythmias can occur. This is where and when you need to catch the information. Certainly, hōm is where the heart is.

In time, CEC changed its name to Lohman Technologies. This serves to honor the legacy of one cardiac cares great innovators. Today, Lohman Technologies serve the broad digital health spectrum of Telehealth, Physician’s Office and Patient use through prescription health. It continues to be a leader in innovation and is committed to improving the quality of life for both Patient and Care Provider. Its accuracy provides certainty, unlike anyone in this space. The hōm ecg+ device is built on this same foundation of leading clinical-grade technology.