Monitor your Heart. Anytime. Anywhere.

Easily capture ECG data and heart rhythm events like atrial fibrillation (AF or Afib) from the comfort of your hōm.

The Heart of Innovation

Clinical Data + Easy At-Home Recordings

Our interoperable solution offers access to data across systems, integrating capabilities with your existing platforms.

The Hom ECG+ Continuum of Care (pt. 1)

The Hom ECG+ Continuum of Care (pt. 2)

The Problem

Primary care providers (PCPs) are the backbone of the continuum of patient care. Given the nature of healthcare today, providers need the right data at the right time to intervene in the right place.

They are charged with making appropriate clinical decisions to ensure safe & efficient patient care is delivered to the patient population at risk for atrial fibrillation without access to ECG data.

The Solution

The right time to treat patients is closest to an Afib event and this requires a monitoring solution that removes the patient as the middleman and integrates directly into the provider’s existing workflow and care pathways.

patient centered


Our solutions are a convenient way for patients to safely move through the care continuum.

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FDA-cleared, pocket-sized device allows patients to capture an ECG reading from ANYWHERE! No need for a phone or app.

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Medical-grade ECG reading in less than a minute allows the provider to determine the appropriate access point to care.

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Easy To Use

Remote cardiac monitoring without the hassle. Just place your thumbs on the sensors and you’re all set.



No need for patients to search for ways to get the ECG in the hands of the provider. ECG data is sent directly to the patient’s electronic health record using the RPM platform.

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Workflow Optimized

Our implementation team offers a complete end-to-end best practice approach to ensure that the provider can make timely clinical decisions.

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How It Works


“It is the right kind of solution for patients, because it’s a lifetime solution and Afib is a lifetime condition. I’m very impressed by the device.”
Dr. Hugh Calkins, MD, Director, Cardiac Arrhythmia Service, Professor of Medicine

“I wish I had had it years ago, so I wouldn’t have visited the ER so often…”

Frank (patient)

“The algorithm for detecting atrial fibrillation is extremely accurate. Another benefit to me has been the quality of the strips recorded compared to other single lead heart rhythm monitors. These high quality recordings are useful in identifying and monitoring other conditions as well as afib recurrence.”

Robert Baker, MD, FACC, Nevada Cardiology Associates

“I have had the monitor for several years and have to tell you that this unit has saved my wife and I many days of anxiety and stress in knowing that I was not in Afib. I took a dozen printouts to my cardiologist for him to assess the accuracy of the monitor and when he compared the printout from that morning with the electrocardiogram he just took, he was surprised at the accuracy. As you know I bought a monitor for my wife who also has Afib and we both monitor ourselves at least twice a week. While the monitor is relatively expensive, how do you correlate peace of mind and the safety of knowing when one is in seriously in trouble, with the cost? I am happy that this monitor exists and thank you for the great customer service when I needed some instruction in the beginning.”

Sherman (Patient)

“I purchased the Hom ECG+® after searching the internet for an at-home heart monitor. I am now 35, but have experienced heart racing episodes since I was 16. They were elusive and we could never catch one during a stress test or with a holter monitor. I had my last episode in June and FINALLY caught it on the Hom ECG+®. The information was enough to show my doctor and the cardiologists that there was in fact a problem. They diagnosed me with PSVT and I had a successful cardiac ablation 6 weeks ago. I have never felt this good. And a big part of the credit goes to your company and your pioneer spirit. Every interaction was pleasant and you were extremely responsive. I am eternally grateful and couldn’t sing your praises enough…keep up the good work!!”

Jessica (Patient, age 35)

“I’ve had my Hom ECG+ for about nine months (Afib, for four years). It is easy to use and has taught me a lot about my particular Afib patterns. My meds were keeping my heart rate down most of the time and so I thought I wasn’t fibrillating unless I had one of the big, obvious episodes; the monitor taught me that I was fibrillating quite often at low heart rates, too. I’m not sure I would ever have figured this out by myself. I only wish I had discovered Hom ECG+ a year or two earlier.”

Mary (patient)

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